Paul Bininda – Blog

Permalinks and Sitemap

Just got the permalink structure working. Had to put

Options +FollowSymLinks

into the .htaccess file in the root directory of the blog.

Also installed a sitemap builder plugin to help search engines grok the site. Now I am checking with Google Webmaster Tools whether google crawls correctly.


Setting Up

This weekend I started setting up my first hosted website after acquiring three domains (, and I purchased the domains and Linux shared hosting through I despise their commercials but it seems, they provide good service at a reasonable price.

On the shared host, I installed WordPress and Joomla!. Both were very easy to set up using the "one click install" function of the godaddy hosting control center.

The WordPress blog seems very easy to use and maintain. I plan on using it as a diary of technical information. Christian Andritzky brought me onto that idea.

The Joomla! site is a completely different beast. The concepts are more difficult to grok. May be the problem is that I don't have a clear plan for content yet.